Castings and Wear Parts


Castings USA, Inc. - Quality Poured into Every Casting!

Our sister company, Castings, USA, Inc. has been in the foundry business since 1974.

While we are currently in a growth stage, we are still small & flexible enough to deliver exactly what our customers need - competitive prices, quality products, and prompt delivery!

  • Augers
  • Pug Knives
  • Crusher / Grinder Parts
  • Shredders
  • Liners

Castings USA, Inc. can be reached at


P.O. Box 202 Midvale, Ohio 44653
Phone: (330) 339-3611 Fax: (330) 339-6809

Greg Camp, Castings USA, Inc. Representative

cell: (330) 204-3454

Plant Location

2061 Brightwood Road SE, New Philadelphia OH 44663