Question: How do I maintain my Reymond Die Unit?

Answer: Over time the unit can become worn to the point that the compaction required for a quality product is now gone. Lubrication can be penetrating too deep into the column and possibly causing laminations to occur. Proper relining of the center forming section and die (shaper cap) can eliminate these problems. Between each mating part of the Reymond die unit you will find a 1/8" compaction/lubrication lip (new). These lips are your measure of wear. Once these lips are reduced to the point of 1/32" it is time to reline.

The back of the unit as well as the front must be maintained. Lubrication begins at the back of the unit where the least amount of compaction occurs. Therefore, if the back of the unit is worn excessively, there is nothing that can be done to the front of the unit to correct laminations and lubrication issues other than relining the bridgering.

Question: What is your standard delivery time for a Reymond die?

Answer: Approximately 5 to 7 weeks after receipt of your purchase order number.

Question: What should I look for if my Reymond Die Unit is leaking?

Answer: Your Reymond Die Unit should Never leak oil. If it is you can check the following:
*Make sure all bolts are tight on the cap and center section.

*Check to make sure that all of the sections are free from dirt (especially when changing the cap and or center section).

*Make sure that no gaskets are ripped or torn.

*Check Go Regulator for proper distribution of oil pressure.

Question: I can't get my bridge in my Reymond Unit to adjust properly?

Answer: If you can't get your bridge to adjust properly in your Reymond Unit you should check the following. The bolts holding the bridge in the die should only be snug or finger tight. Any tighter than this will restrict the bridge from moving freely when you need to adjust it. Also, if you are trying to adjust it from side to side you will need to "back off" the bridge adjustment bolts (on the bridge ring) to the side you are trying to move the bridge to. This also applies for the bolts when moving the bridge up and down. After adjustments are made you should tighten the bridge adjustment bolts to secure the bridge. Also, during the installation of the BEF's (bridge end fillers) you must make certain that each BEF slot is centered on the bridge bar. If the slot is off center this will make it impossible to adjust the bridge.

Question: What information do I need to order a cap?

Answer: If it is a repeat size of an existing die all you need is the RP# that is in the lower left corner of the cap.

If it is a new size smooth or velour all you need is you final GREEN target dimension. Or perhaps if you are unsure of that, your final FIRED target size and your percentage of shrink. We can handle the rest.

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