Wire and Blade Frame

Rugged, Durable Design

Mounted Wire Frame

Our Wire and Blade Frame is compatible with standard dies, and, like all Reymond Texture Equipment, boasts a rugged and durable design that promises years of dependable service. The frame itself is mounted to the top and bottom of the die with bolts so that it protrudes away from the die. Effortless frame adjustments can be made with built-in set hand screws.

Reymond Products Texture Frame Hinged Adapter

Wire and Blade Frame Hinge adapter

Our Wire and Blade Frame Hinge adapter is a time saving idea that allows the operator to hinge the texture frame out of the way to make core changes or cap changes. These adapters also allow the use of a Reymond frame in conjunction with most competitors dies.

The Reymond wire or blade frames come with adjustable hardened tool steel blades or chrome plated wires, scrap plow, column support plate, and carbide tipped wire hold down brackets.

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