Reymond Clay Extrusion Die Advantages

by: JZ

  1. Every unit is designed around each specific plant and its extrusion process.
  2. Reymond units are totally relineable.
  3. The 10-point lubrication system that is used in over 95% of our units distributes the lubricant more efficiently onto the column instead of forcing lubricant into the column which may cause laminations to appear in the end product, especially where oil based lubricants are being used. Our units require less oil pressure on the back end but still allow for excellent distribution of lubricant.
  4. There have been several cases in which, upon installing our unit, the amperage has dropped by 50 or more amps. Should this happen, the savings on a 300 HP motor would easily pay for the initial investment.
  5. Our units are designed with the ability to achieve a balanced column in order to produce the best possible product. Each unit is modified internally to work with production speeds, material and product shape.
  6. Since our dies, or shaper caps, are made of hardened steel instead of 28% chrome, they tend to not streak as quickly and usually will outwear our competitors' two-to-one.
  7. Our design provides more equal column density during the extrusion process, which in turn helps to achieve an equal drying process and eliminate stress cracks so long as the dryer has ample time and is balanced.
  8. When selling a Reymond Die, we guarantee total satisfaction in solving existing extrusion problems or there is no obligation to pay for the unit until we do so. Building a unit to your specifications is our number one priority. We have many years of experience in solving extrusion problems. That, coupled with our expertise, has enabled us to help our customers to produce the best quality products in the industry.