Brick Extrusion Die Maintenance

Over time the unit can become worn to the point that the compaction required for a quality product is now gone. Lubrication can then be penetrating too deep into the column and possibly causing laminations to occur. Proper relining of the center forming section and die (shaper cap) can eliminate these problems. Between each mating part of the Reymond die unit you will find a 1/8" compaction/lubrication lip (new). These lips are your measure of wear. Once these lips are reduced to the point of 1/16" it is time to reline.

The back of the unit as well as the front must be maintained. Lubrication begins at the back of the unit where the least amount of compaction occurs. Therefore, if the back of the unit is worn excessively, there is nothing that can be done to the front of the unit to correct laminations and lubrication issues other than relining the backend.